Easter sunday

Sometimes there’s so much emotion built up inside a person that the smile of a child that looks like a little angel makes a woman that looks like she’s made of steel burst into tears.

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Andee Layne Wearing Sheep Skin Leather Moto Jacket From Lookbookstore, Paige Waxed Skinny Jeans, Dita Sunglasses, And Susana Monaco Tank


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I was so tired today .made it to class on time though. Dino didn’t wana help me get up. So I took a nap at like 4..in the parking lot ..in my uncomfortable car but it was a great nap!

You were being normal and then you asked that stupid question and that kinda ruined my night. And then you told me that its because you heard ale and Irene talking about guys and how now girls can be sneaky so you’re all doubtful ? And then you told me “you were just asking …and to relax…” Relax ? Seriously? But then you apologized and I guess that was enough…
I just really can’t be mad at people ..i don’t like it …
I’m sleepy



Yesterdays eyeliner.
I was happy with the out come even though I thought it looked stupid at first

Due Wednesday

chapter 6 reading
Chapter 6 notes
Chapter 6 quiz
Some hw assignment I have to print .
PreLab questions and reading
Post lab report and questions
PreLab for lab that day .
PreLab report
Online hw

Did I mention I have between now and like now to do it ?
Bc I work all day tomorrow and then I have Ale’s dinner so I’ll be home by ..idk 10-11 hopefully .

I think I’m having a good hair day

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This is ridonculous.
My finger and his finger .